Decorating Your House by Siv Mjellekas

Modern Scandinavian interiors invest heavily in the white color. You will discover that the neatness and fluid flow of the rooms will give you the space you wish even if you do not have a lot of it to start with. The idea is to utilize lots of white or paint everything inside white, then splash some colors that can make things unique and odd at the same time.

Decorating Your Living Room

Siv Mjellekas likes to utilize many different tones towards the solid white finish in terms of decorating living rooms. This is because the light should naturally appear into the location, though a sunroof or a large window that boasts of your outside landscape. You are able to add the tones through minor items, like your couch pillows, the lampshade or the rug. Nevertheless, avoid overdoing it by placing colors on massive objects like a large painting that dominates your wall, the sofa or your fireplace. The colors must only be hints that accessorize the pure white background.

Elements to Consider

Siv Mjellekas intends to integrate a number of elements that will accentuate the modern design better, for example using innovative and state-of-the-art furniture and appliances. These can be black, white or silvery steel. These fixtures will wisely break up the very bright effect of the environment, especially if you’re getting a lot of light from the windows and other sources. In case you would like to provide some balance and add extra warmth into the room, Siv Mjellekas recommends using wood or a carpet. You can invest in a cherry or oak coffee table or place a huge red rug in the center just to add some comfort.

Bring in the Outside

The amazing thing about contemporary Scandinavian interior styles is that it might successfully include the outdoor environment as a seemingly useful part of the living room. All you’ve to accomplish is push the curtains aside to bring in the greenness of the grass and trees on the outside. This will instantly serve as buffers for your solid white finish. It is possible to mix the lights or just shut off all your lights during the day. Only turn some lamps on if you’re utilizing various colors for the lampshades. Build partitions as you do this by rearranging your furniture or just facing some chairs and stools to the windows.

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